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Hi there, my name is Lauren. I found your LJ thru my flist but I've been a huge fan of your TWoP posts for a very long time, I think you're brilliant and I'd love to get to know you better. Is it ok that I've added you to my flist?
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Really? You're a fan of my TWoP posts? Any in particular?

And I've added you. :)
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Why do you think I'm brilliant?
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Well, for one thing you always articulate your thoughts and opinions so beautifully. You've always struck me as someone deeply thoughtful and intelligent. Not to mention clever and insightful. I read the TWoP boards of some of my shows (Smallville and Veronica Mars in recent months) and your posts have always jumped out at me and I seem to constantly go "WORD!". You brain is obviously far superior to mine but you sometimes it's uncanny how many of my own jumbled, confused thoughts you seem to verbalize and/or clarify. And having such a sharp wit is also why I love your mind so very much.

So those are some of the reasons why I think you've got such tremendous intellect. Now I'll be the first to admit a moron like me is no position to judge anybody's level of intelligence, all of this is just IMHO but I hope you don't disagree. I think you've got some pretty signifigant cognitive power working for you. I'm sure you've been told before what a fine mind you have. And by people who unlike me are not so verbally challenged. I know I'm truly terrible with words. I just hope I don't sound too much like a babbling idiot, I'm sorry if I've bothered you. I appreciate you being so friendly and gracious, I'm awfully shy so it's always so difficult to introduce myself to people. Especially people who I'm so inferior to therefore I'm so intimidated by. It's very affirming to me to discover that such a cool person like yourself can also be very kind and generous enough to tolerate my irritating presence :-P Feel free to smack me down hard if I start to ramble or become too insufferable, I try to control those impulses but sometimes my annoyingness just spirals. So I guess on that note I'll be leaving now. Goodnight, ~Lauren
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I also recognized you from Whedonverse fandom (which was my first experience with fandoms of any kind) and you were a fantastic member of that fandom community as well. And I'm so grateful that you also now offer your thoughts on SV and Vmars, you're definitely a highlight for me.

Also anyone who is a fan of Radiohead, is automatically one of the most fabulous, awesomest people EVER! And I don't care if I'm called a pathetic groupie, because I <3 Radiohead. I thoroughly enjoy their music I think they kick all kinds of ass
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Wow, do you remember me from my very few weeks at The Bronze? I didn't stick around long, I know that...

I was just curious to what you found brilliant about my posts, I feel like I barely post at all on TWoP, or at least not enough for anyone to notice me. Were there any specific posts you liked?

And you don't have to be so self-deprecating! You seem incredibly intelligent yourself. Most certainly not a moron or in any way inferior. Or annoying for that matter.

Hee, and yes, Radiohead are fantastic. :) Nothing pathetic about being a groupie... I'm a card-carrying member.
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Or possibly my posts on ATPoBtVS? Though I know I never really posted much there either. And I post a little on Whedonesque now, but not with this name.


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