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posted by [personal profile] radioreverie at 03:32am on 22/04/2005 under

Comment here if you'd like to be friended.
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posted by [identity profile] at 06:40pm on 28/09/2006
Hi! I'm butterfly. I was recently getting back into Smallville and noticed your name around as someone who likes Lois. I'm a huge Lois fan (pretty much all versions) and I love Erica's performance of her.
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posted by [identity profile] at 06:49pm on 28/09/2006
Cool! Yeah, I like Lois a lot. I've friended you back. :)
posted by [identity profile] at 02:46am on 26/10/2006
Can you friend me? You are so cool.
posted by [identity profile] at 11:39pm on 11/12/2006
hello! i used to be alabaster_ocean - may i re-add you?
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posted by [identity profile] at 04:21am on 12/12/2006
Sure! *adds*
posted by [identity profile] at 06:06am on 28/01/2007
hello. we seem to have a lot in common, (radiohead), soooo i was wondering if i could get an add maybe...? :) thanks in advance.

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posted by [identity profile] at 06:17am on 28/01/2007
Sure. :)
posted by [identity profile] at 06:53pm on 21/02/2007
hi read some of your posts on twop. friend me ??
posted by [identity profile] at 05:41pm on 03/05/2007
I would like to be your friend and I wanted to see that Clana vid.
posted by [identity profile] at 07:54am on 12/06/2007
Hi, I'm not sure how I got here, but I see that you have many beautiful Radiohead icons. And we seem to share similar interests. Friends?
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posted by [identity profile] at 07:57am on 12/06/2007
Sure. :)
posted by [identity profile] at 07:00pm on 16/06/2007
Can I request a friending? I've always found your posts at TWoP really interesting, and well expressed (BTW, I'm BadToad there).
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posted by [identity profile] at 06:01am on 20/06/2007
Sure. I've just friended you. :)
posted by [identity profile] at 06:50pm on 30/07/2007
Hey, I came across your site because of the Lee Bontecou icon you made for [ profile] onelittlesleep. Lee B icons almost always speak well of a person :)
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posted by [identity profile] at 11:00pm on 30/07/2007
Cool! Friended you back. Ooh, and you like Bark Psychosis.
posted by [identity profile] at 12:50am on 25/09/2007
radioyay! Add me. :)

Oh, yeah. I'm Scry from Chlois Pwns Jesus TWoP. :D
posted by [identity profile] at 11:22am on 16/10/2007
Can you add me?)
posted by [identity profile] at 02:22am on 25/11/2007
Hi, I used to love reading your posts on TWOP! I'm Airisu from TWOP, tho I rarely post much there anymore. Friends?
posted by [identity profile] at 02:14pm on 29/12/2007
Hello, I found you through the sv_lois community and I've enjoyed your posts over at TWoP, and I'd be really grateful if you could friend me. Thanks! :)
posted by [identity profile] at 01:39am on 06/06/2008
Hey there, was wondering if you didn't mind adding eachother. I've seen some of your comments on Bop_Radars journal and noticed you seem to like Lois, or at least tolerate her LOL.. so its always nice to find more Lois fans around LJ :)
posted by [identity profile] at 07:01am on 25/08/2008
hiii, friends? :]
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posted by [identity profile] at 01:24pm on 31/08/2008
posted by [identity profile] at 03:22pm on 06/09/2008
Hello, I found your community (limeflowertea), and then you. I was wondering if it would be okay if I friended you? You have excellent taste in music, and other things, and I like your public entries.
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posted by [identity profile] at 03:24pm on 06/09/2008
Sure! :)
posted by [identity profile] at 04:59pm on 13/09/2008
Hi! May I add you?
posted by [identity profile] at 03:21am on 23/11/2008
Commenting because I want to know more about what you think of SV!
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posted by [identity profile] at 08:35am on 23/11/2008
Added! :D
posted by [identity profile] at 05:35am on 17/01/2009
I'm a huge Lois fan and I absolutely loved your insightful entry on 'Bride.' I'd love to read more of your thoughts, particularly on Smallville. Would you mind friending me, and being friended by me?
posted by [identity profile] at 06:57am on 22/01/2009
Hello :)
posted by [identity profile] at 02:01am on 25/03/2009
Hi! I found you thanks to [ profile] mskatej. I'm adding, hope you don't mind!
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posted by [personal profile] absolution at 05:03am on 25/07/2009
hi, you seem interesting and i'd like to add you (we have some interests in common.) :)
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