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posted by [personal profile] radioreverie at 03:32am on 22/04/2005 under

Comment here if you'd like to be friended.
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posted by [identity profile] at 12:52pm on 22/04/2005
hey, girl.... :)

i'd like to be included, please. :D
posted by [identity profile] at 08:46pm on 22/04/2005
I would like to be taken off the list.
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posted by [identity profile] at 08:47pm on 22/04/2005
posted by [identity profile] at 01:58am on 23/04/2005
Hi there, my name is Lauren. I found your LJ thru my flist but I've been a huge fan of your TWoP posts for a very long time, I think you're brilliant and I'd love to get to know you better. Is it ok that I've added you to my flist?
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posted by [identity profile] at 02:09am on 23/04/2005
Really? You're a fan of my TWoP posts? Any in particular?

And I've added you. :)
posted by [identity profile] at 07:21pm on 23/04/2005
*hops up and down and waves and shouts "pick me!!" and hops up and down some more*

posted by [identity profile] at 04:40pm on 17/05/2005
hi, I love radiohead too,and I posted that adoreable super hot pictura of Jonny that you took. you lucky girl
posted by [identity profile] at 06:40pm on 17/05/2005
ditto! xxxxx
posted by [identity profile] at 07:26am on 18/05/2005
la flan from rd2. I'd like to be be-friended too. :)
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posted by [identity profile] at 09:19pm on 20/05/2005
As you wish.


posted by [identity profile] at 07:59am on 21/05/2005
What do ya say?
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posted by [identity profile] at 12:15pm on 21/05/2005
posted by [identity profile] at 11:43am on 12/06/2005
okay, i must have missed this.

add me. I AM YOUR FRIEND!!
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posted by [identity profile] at 05:10pm on 12/06/2005
Lend me some sugar, I AM YOUR NEIGHBOR!

Silly, you'll always be on my f-list!
posted by [identity profile] at 12:08am on 09/07/2005
The VM MM sporking elves command you to friend me.
posted by [identity profile] at 05:31pm on 20/07/2005
Radioreverie - I posted an apology on the Chloe thread for you and I wasn't sure you'd see it, so I thought I would repeat it here. I apologize if my post was rude or dismissive. It's not an excuse, but I've had a terrible headache for the past few days and it has made me very testy. I'm going to have to go to the doctor if it doesn't get better, b/c it's really affecting my ability to deal with work. Anyway, you were right that I had no right to speculate about your own personal experiences. I dislike it when people do that to me, so I should have known better. And it's not that I don't think you are bright, I do. But, suggesting that Chloe's behavior rised to the level of a mental disorder seemed outrageous to me.

Perhaps, I was projecting b/c I have had a similar discussion about narcissistic personality disorder with real life friends who were trying to say their boss had it b/c she was being bitchy to them. Rightly or wrongly, I get up in arms when people try to claim that someone has a mental condition/disorder that needs treatment if I think they are being unfair. Perhaps it is because I still perceive there to be a stigma attached to mental conditions/disorders and I don't like to see people labeled as having one when I don't think it's fair. Also, in my mind, it diminishes the seriousness that I think should be given to situations in which people truly have mental disorders/conditions. Every person who is sad isn't clinically depressed. Everyone who is a little animated, doesn't have ADD.

Too often, I've seen people jump to conclusions and try to pin labels on people and I find that frustrating. Basically, I think we all have problems, but we don't have mental conditions and disorders that require treatment. So, again if my post was rude, I am sorry.
posted by [identity profile] at 05:40pm on 20/07/2005
I wish LJ allowed editing. I meant to say rises, not rised. Also, I have friends and family members who have had or still have conditions that require medication and treatment and I'm often in a position of asking people to be more patient with them. I've seen people act like it's no big deal that they have these condtions and expect them to just bounce back/suck it up and I'm thinking "don't you get it, this isn't a choice by them - they can't help themselves out of this, they need professional help. They aren't going to get miraculously better." Anyway, that was the baggage I brought to our discussion on the Chloe thread. Hope this helps explain my post and I hope I didn't make you feel angry or upset. I sincerely try to avoid spreading ill will, as much as possible.
posted by [identity profile] at 02:38am on 29/08/2005
Hey! I just added you -- I'm midstofwinter from twop. :) Your icons are AWESOME.
posted by [identity profile] at 09:48pm on 11/09/2005
you love buffy and good music, and you should add me!
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posted by [identity profile] at 09:51pm on 11/09/2005
Done. :)
posted by [identity profile] at 09:41am on 16/09/2005
please. :c)

(found you through RDII, in case you were wondering...)
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posted by [identity profile] at 04:34pm on 16/09/2005
posted by [identity profile] at 12:02am on 30/09/2005
hey girl, i've gotten my friend to get an LJ and now she's scared. ;P

i think you guys would get along REALLY well in the realm of music and such. but she's afraid to friend people, so on and so forth....

anyhoo, [ profile] xiola1968 is her name, so if you would like to add her, tht be cool. i was just going to friend you for her, but, its prob best this way.

she's not into any fandom type things, and is pretty much scared of my journal. muahahahahaha....
posted by [identity profile] at 04:28pm on 05/12/2005
Peeking in...
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posted by [identity profile] at 04:31pm on 05/12/2005
posted by [identity profile] at 01:11am on 22/12/2005
This may be strange but I would like to be flisted by you even though we don't share the same likes.

We may never agree but from what I read on TWoP and your comments in other's LJ it will still be very interesting.

It is always good to see the other side of things from someone so level headed and not just bashers for bashing sake.

We may never see eye-to-eye but it could still be fun and intellectually stimulating.
posted by [identity profile] at 04:08pm on 30/12/2005
Hi, I would like to see your Clark video recc'ed by bop_radar in her journal, I was wondering if you would be so kind as to friend me back.

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posted by [identity profile] at 04:11pm on 30/12/2005
Done! Welcome to my journal. :)
posted by [identity profile] at 04:30am on 02/01/2006
Me! I would like to be friended! I find you interesting and your interests list is vast and amazing to me! :)
posted by [identity profile] at 10:21pm on 10/01/2006
Very few people have both Joss Whedon and Autechre listed together in their interest lists! You've also got a Gerhard Richter icon - very cool. Radiohead's easily my favorite band, and I'm also a Francis Bacon fan (the painter), so you've piqued my curiosity.

I keep my own journal mainly for myself - hopefully my self-indulgent poetry isn't too off-putting. Feel free to ignore it! I'm very unobtrusive, mostly a lurker, but I might chime in occasionally.
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posted by [identity profile] at 04:24pm on 12/01/2006
Hi! I've added you.
posted by [identity profile] at 05:05pm on 31/01/2006
I just thought I would let you know - I added you as a 'friend'
on account of your eclectic taste...
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posted by [identity profile] at 08:36pm on 31/01/2006
Do you mind if all I talk about is television shows? Because that's really all I use this journal for.
posted by [identity profile] at 12:22pm on 01/02/2006
Ah, if television programmes are ALL that is discussed or ruminated upon, I doubt that the journal is of interest to me...

posted by [identity profile] at 07:05am on 21/02/2006
Friends? I am looking for more Radiohead obsessives like myself. Saw you in [ profile] jonnygreenwoods. (Sorry for the deleted comment, btw.)
posted by [identity profile] at 05:13pm on 19/03/2006
Saw you over at another friends so can I be added?
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posted by [identity profile] at 05:17pm on 19/03/2006
posted by [identity profile] at 03:22pm on 03/08/2006
I'm not sure why I haven't been over here sooner... we're both in The Mas and I often see your name on the flists of my flist. So... friend me? *bats eyelashes*
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posted by [identity profile] at 07:49pm on 03/08/2006
posted by [identity profile] at 03:48pm on 12/09/2006
I'd like to be friended. Thanks!
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